Night walk to remember

Niki and I were totally enthralled by this night tour led by Gee who met our boat at 8.30 in pitch darkness (we were staying at a neighbouring resort). Aided by head torches we slowly walked through a jungle trail and saw the most amazing array of spiders, bugs (Gee explained the official definition!), a sleeping bird and even a non-venomous snake. It seemed incredible that he knew where to look but he explained that this was assisted by many of the insects staying permanently or returning to one place – the ornamental spider (photo attached) was a good example. We could see everything with the naked eye and then Gee took photos which he could magnify and explain things in more detail – including amazing close-ups of spider eyes. Gee is self effacing but very knowledgable and it was a fascinating tour as a result. He was rightly proud to tell us of at least one new species in the process of being named after him.
Thanks Gee for a great experience!
Jonny and Niki

Jonny Freedman

Fantastic New Year’s Eve nature tour

We spent a day with Gee near Rainbow Lodge. He is an incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic guide. We spent the morning in the jungle, and then had a very successful ‘birding’ walk in the afternoon – including a sunset ride up river, neatly concluded with a pair of wreathed hornbills and a black-capped kingfisher and then the 5* award for producing two types of nightjar!

Gee’s enthusiasm and knowledge is matched by his energy. After dinner he took us on a 2.5hr night walk around the Lodge, with spiders galore! A fantastic, memorable New Year’s Eve enjoyed by the whole family (6 of us). Thank you!

The S-Bs

Derrie Evans

Daniela Griessinger

Jani Mikkonen

Scott Rennie

Tina Mitchel

Stephane De Greef

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