Strolling around at our place

Over a couple of days, I had a few little strolls around on our land and the immediate surrounding land. This is a summary of flora and fauna I saw, with many photos included. Some things remain unidentified but I am working on it.

January 2018 Roundup

A roundup of what has happened for Gee’s Nature Tours during a much wetter than normal January 2018 (plus 31 December 2017). It was a very busy month with over 40 tours for over 140 people, almost entirely with customers from Rainbow Lodge, a few from Koh Andet Eco Resort and one direct booking for a bespoke afternoon boat tour.

A great time on our first camping tours

An account of the first customer for our new overnight tours, and she did four in succession! We started with a kayaking tour, with night walk; then a walking tour with camp in a hilltop meadow; on the third night a tractor ride and walk to a stream-side camp; and on the last night another kayak with nighttime kayaking as well.