Dysphania subrepleta (in Emerald Moths)


23 Apr 2018 07:30:00
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Tatai Commune, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia
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24 Apr 2018 21:37:34
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Identifications and Comments

Identification by geechartier at 24 Apr 2018 21:37:37
Taxon: Dysphania militaris [species]
Identification by charliev at 24 Apr 2018 21:56:43
Taxon: Dysphania militaris [species]
Identification by geechartier at 25 Apr 2018 10:21:38
Taxon: Dysphania subrepleta [species]
Identification by charliev at 25 Apr 2018 11:55:04
Taxon: Dysphania subrepleta [species]
Identification by hkmoths at 25 Apr 2018 12:14:18
Taxon: Dysphania subrepleta [species]
Comment by hkmoths at 25 Apr 2018 12:16:01
In subrepleta there are two key features: (1) the forewing basal area's markings - three strong black streaks from base, on the costa (to the discal cell), from the dorsum almost to the discal cell and sometimes abutting the costal streak then angled dorsally, and a shorter streak sandwiched in between; (2) the hindwing discal spot is contiguous with the medial fascia. In militaris, of the f/w basal streaks, only the small middle streak actually starts at the wing base, the other two start sub-basally on the costa and dorsum, and point to the discal cell; the h/w discal spot is discrete, not contained in the medial fascia ('cos there aint no medial fascia) subrepleta - http://www.boldsystems.org/index.php/Taxbrowser_Taxonpage?taxid=313431 militaris - http://www.boldsystems.org/index.php/Taxbrowser_Taxonpage?taxid=142047
Identification by juhakinnunen at 18 May 2018 00:23:15
Taxon: Dysphania subrepleta [species]

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