Time Observed
30 Jun 2023 20:32
Quality Grade
Thma Bang, Cambodia
Added to iNaturalist
6 Jul 2023 10:44
16 Nov 2023 11:40


Identification by geechartier at 2023-07-06 10:44:30

Losaria doubledayi [species]

Identification by robin_noel at 2023-07-26 00:32:06

Losaria doubledayi [species]

Identification by sl_liew at 2023-08-13 01:08:17

Losaria doubledayi [species]

Identification by msone at 2023-11-16 06:31:18

Losaria [genus]

Comment by sl_liew at 2023-11-16 09:10:58

May be it Losaria coon? with its yellow abdomen instead of red abdomen (Losaria doubledayi)???

Comment by geechartier at 2023-11-16 09:54:54

@sl_liew, the distribution of L. coon does not include Cambodia (see Xu et al, 2020 - "Are the Yellow and Red Marked Club-Tail Losaria coon the Same Species?"). I also discussed this observation with Adam Cotton, and he confirmed that the population of L. doubledayi in SW Cambodia has yellow abdomens.

Comment by msone at 2023-11-16 11:40:30

I see. This could be a colour variation of L. doubledayi, or otherwise it might be a (sub)species other than L. doubledayi doubledayi.
In any case, this seems unlikely to belong to L. coon.

In fact, the current recognition for the distribution of L. doubledayi doubledayi (see Xu et al. 2020, fig. 1) is VERY broad, extending over the whole Indochinese peninsula and the Malay peninsula. I would not be surprised if this included some local/endemic (sub)species which is/are yet undescribed (that's beyond the scope of the 2020 paper). We definitely need more observations from Cambodia :D

Nothing is mentioned in Xu et al. (2020) about such a Cambodian yellow-tinged variation of L. doubledayi , so we cannot be certain. I leave a species ID of this open. I don't mean to disagree with the view of L. doubledayi, though. This Cambodian form is unique.