Heliaeschna simplicia (in Darners)


2 May 2013 19:00:37
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Tatai Commune, Koh Kong Province, Cambodia
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Alive or Dead
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2 Jan 2020 18:23:09
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17 Oct 2021 02:05:16

Identifications and Comments

Identification by geechartier at 2 Jan 2020 18:23:13
Taxon: Heliaeschna simplicia [species]
Identification by noppadon at 3 Jan 2020 17:19:34
Taxon: Heliaeschna simplicia [species]
Identification by oleg_kosterin at 4 Jan 2020 17:28:58
Taxon: Heliaeschna simplicia [species]
Comment by oleg_kosterin at 12 Sep 2020 19:49:13
This is not Heliaeschna! Since the medial space has no crossveins, like in Gynacantha. At the same time this is not Gynacantha since the abdomen has any no waist. The same venation is in Tetracanthagyna waterhousei. It is a very huge insect, but here 30 antenodals is even more than in that species (27-25). Was it large? At the same time greenish patches are not present at that species, and the coloration would more suggest Heliaeschna uninervulata. But that species have one crossvein at the base of median field, and less antenodals (19-21). I am puzzled anyway. Did we discuss this specimen before? It was photographed after the male on which paper on H. simplicia in Cambodia was based, and it not mentioned in any of our papers. Was it collected?
Comment by geechartier at 13 Sep 2020 08:08:27
oleg_kosterin, I can find no evidence of us discussing this either on Messenger or via email. Therefore, I think I must have guessed. I cannot remember the size, and it was not collected. I found an image of a specimen labelled as *Tetracanthagyna waterhousei* at NHM UK that has 31 antenodals. It also seems to lack the yellow thoracic stripes but that might be due to discoloration. There is no evidence of green. https://www.gbif.org/occurrence/1826440566 I have added a photo to this observation to show a lateral view of the plain thorax.
Comment by oleg_kosterin at 13 Sep 2020 09:29:36
Thanks. The yellow stripes on the thorax sides are seen through the wings on the NHM photo (which is of the lectotype). I should have known they already show their Odonata type specimens in internet, as they were going to. Your thoracic photo is very informative and intriguing. The body is grey and face yellow as in H. simplicia indeed. But not the wing base venation. Maybe females of some Gynacantha females occurring in your area have no waist at the abdominal segment 2. Please, keep looking for something like this!
Identification by oleg_kosterin at 13 Sep 2020 09:30:22
Taxon: Gynacanthinae [subfamily]
Comment by geechartier at 13 Sep 2020 13:15:36
@oleg_kosterin is there any gynacantha sp. with as many as 30 antenodals? I have search GBIF for aeshnids in the area but nothing helpful came up.
Comment by oleg_kosterin at 13 Sep 2020 16:57:48
@geechartier, I counted those on my photo in a female of G. subinterrupta and got figures around 25. Also an obvious waist. Never counted in other species.
Identification by oleg_kosterin at 17 Oct 2021 02:05:16
Taxon: Aeshnidae [family]

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