Our Tours

Who are our tours for?

All of our tours are aimed at people with a keen interest in nature. All tours are carried out at a gentle pace, with lots of time for trying to spot things and for me to explain what see. I do not profess to know everything but I know enough to provide interesting information to most participants. All tours are guided by me with a second guide/boat driver in support. Most tours are focused on the beautiful river in Tatai, the streams that run into it and the land that meets the streams. One tour goes further inland to explore jungle and a hilltop meadow.

Given the slow pace with lots of explanations, our tours are not necessarily suitable for young children, who can become easily bored. I leave that decision to their parents, who know them best. I have guided young kids who have been enthralled!

Summary of Tours

You have a choice of a number of tours, all of which allow you to truly experience nature. Some are designed to provide a broad range of natural environments in a single tour, and others involve a more focused examination of a particular type of habitat. You can even choose a short night walk, and get a very different perspective on nature.

In order to maximise your nature experience, you can opt for one of our overnight tours. These all involve a tour one one day (usually starting in the afternoon), ending at one of our campsites, a nighttime tour nearby and another tour in the morning before returning. You can combine camping tours to create a diverse, multi-day immersion in nature.

Day Tours

Price/AdultTimingMin AdultsMax People
Full Day Nature Walk$6008:30-17:3026
Half Day Nature Walk$3008:00-12:30
Mangrove Swamp Tour$6008:30-17:3025
Full Day Boat Tour$6010:00-19:0026
Half Day Boat Tour$3014:30-19:0026
Night Walk$3020:30-23:3025

Overnight Tours

Price/AdultTimingMin AdultsMax People
Mangrove Kayak Overnight Tour$10015:00-10:3025
Kayak and Walk Overnight Tour$10015:00-10:3025
Lowland Walk Overnight Tour$10015:00-11:0025
Hilltop Meadow Overnight Tour$14009:00-15:0025

What you might see

On most individual tour pages there is a section on things you might see on that tour. Please be aware that there are no guarantees but what we have written is based on what we have seen. To be honest, it is always difficult to get a balance between demonstrating the richness and diversity of an area and setting expectation too high. We certainly do not want the latter. I will say with absolute certainty that you will not see tigers, which are extinct in Cambodia, or elephants, which, while present in the nearby Cardamom Mountains, do not frequent coastal marshes, or the forests nearby.

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