Our Tours

Who are our tours for?

All of our tours are aimed at people with a keen interest in nature. All tours are carried out at a gentle pace, with lots of time for trying to spot things and for me to explain what see. I do not profess to know everything but I know enough to provide interesting information to tour participants. All tours are guided by me. Most tours are focused on the beautiful river in Tatai, the streams that run into it and the land that meets the streams. On full day tours, we can also go out to the main mangrove forest.

Given the slow pace with lots of explanations, our tours are not necessarily suitable for young children, who can become easily bored. I leave that decision to their parents, who know them best. I have guided young kids who have been enthralled!

What we offer

Tours always involve a mixture of boating and walking around in nature. They can also involve kayaking, either to experience nature from another angle or to get to places we cannot get to by boat or on foot.

All tours are aimed at immersion in nature and I will explain as much as I can about the things we encounter along the way. Our tours are not hikes or route marches through the jungle, but gentle exploration, getting up close and personal with nature.

Depending on your interests, time scales and budget, different tour options might be more suitable for you. We can devise an itinerary for you to best match your circumstances. Please complete the form below to tell us your preferences.


Our tours are priced simply based on the amount of time they take.

  • $150 for a full day (approx 9 hours, including a lunch break)
  • $120 for a three-quarter day (approx 7 hours, including a lunch break)
  • $90 for a half day (approx 4 hours)

Prices are inclusive of drinking water, lunch (for tours longer than half day), kayaks and paddles (where applicable), Tatai pick-up and drop-off. Prices are a total tour fee, irrespective of the number of participants but we take a maximum of 5 people on our tours. If you are travelling as a family of six, please complete the form anyway, and we will see what we can do. If you are on your own, please complete the form anyway, and we will try to fit you in with others, so you can share the costs, or you can indicate that you are willing to pay the full cost, if you would prefer to be on your own.

What you might see

It is always difficult to get the right balance between demonstrating the richness and diversity of this area and setting expectation too high in terms of what you are likely to see on any given day. I will say with absolute certainty that you will not see tigers, which are extinct in Cambodia, or elephants, which, while present in the nearby Cardamom Mountains, do not frequent coastal marshes, or the forests nearby. You can see in this gallery a huge variety of flora and fauna but please remember that this is an accumulation of things I have seen over many tours and personal explorations during my time in the area. Below is a gallery of more scenic photos (again from multiple tours).

Your preferences

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