Half Day Boat Tour

This tour takes in a couple streams and the main river and includes a couple brief strolls on the land to stretch your legs and get a look at some of the flora (and maybe fauna) of the area.

We are lucky to have a beautiful river with a number of different and interesting streams running into it. They each have at least one area where we can leave the boat and stroll around taking in a variety of habitats along the way.

We will also reach the outskirts of the mangrove forest before heading back. On the return journey we will disembarking at a small hill, from which there is a great view of the river delta and a chance of a beautiful sunset.


Depart: 14:30

Return: 19:00


$30 per person

Minimum 2 adults

Children under 13 are half price. Two children count as one adult towards the minimum but there must be at least one adult customer on this tour.

Included in the Price

  • Lunch
  • Drinking water
  • Use of footwear
  • Use of a dry bag
  • Boats to and from the start/finish
  • Boat transfer to/from Tatai

What you need

It can get pretty hot and sunny during this tour and there are areas with no shade. Therefore, you should have clothes that provide decent coverage or sunscreen. A hat is also a good idea.

Any comfortable footwear is OK for this tour.

We advise you to bring a camera or at least a phone that can take a decent picture.

A few photos from this tour

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