Mangrove Swamp Tour

This weird and wonderful mangrove swamp provides an amazing location to experience nature. You will also get an in-depth explanation of the flora and fauna of the area.

The location we will be walking through is subject to tidal flooding. The flood waters are salty in the dry season but fresh in the rainy season. As a result, an unusual mix of flora and associated fauna has developed here. Strange, twisted Pandanus Odorifer abound. As the land rises a little, they give way to an increasing number of Melaleuca cajupti trees. There is a high diversity of orchids in the area, including some very rare species, and you will also encounter carnivorous pitcher plants.

We travel by boat up a beautiful stream before Gee guides you on a gentle stroll through the marshes, explaining what we see along the way. We then explore the stream by kayak before stopping for some lunch. After lunch we talk another stroll in a very different area.

Note: The stream is beautiful by kayak but, if you are unable to kayak or prefer not to, we can replace that part with additional walks on the land.

What you might see

You will definitely see a wide variety of strange and beautiful plants, including several types of mangrove trees, many species of orchid (but not necessarily in flower), nypa palms, Pandanus odoratissimus, Melaleuca cajuputi trees, Nepenthes mirabilis (pitcher plants) and other carnivorous plants, Murdannia macrocarpa, which flower throughout rainy season.

There is also a high chance of seeing crabs, marsh snails and birds, including Psittacula alexandri fasciata (Red-breasted Parakeet) and Leptocoma brasiliana (Van Hasselt’s Sunbird). We have also seen squirrels, kingfishers, eagles, other birds, snakes, skinks, fish (including dwarf puffer fish) and lots of small stuff.

The stream is home to two species of otter: Lutra sumatrana (Hairy-nosed Otter) and Lutrogale perspicillata (Smooth-coated Otter). Both have been recorded on camera traps and we often see there scats. However, the chances of seeing an actual otter are slim.


Start: 8:30

Lunch: 12:30 (approx.)

Return: 17:30


$60 per person

Minimum 2 adults, Maximum 5 people.

Children under 13 are half price. Two children count as one adult towards the minimum but there must be at least one adult customer on this tour.

Included in the price

  • Lunch
  • Drinking water
  • Kayaks
  • Use of footwear
  • Use of a dry bag
  • Boats to and from the stream
  • Boat transfer to/from Tatai

What you need

It can get pretty hot and sunny during this tour and there is not much shade. Therefore, you should have clothes that provide decent coverage or sunscreen. A hat is also a good idea.

Footwear suitable for walking around in a marsh is provided but you might want to take some more comfortable footwear for the boat journey and kayaking, or don’t wear any.

We advise you to bring a camera or at least a phone that can take a decent picture.

A few photos from this tour

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