Mangrove Kayak Overnight Tour

Our overnight tours are temporarily unavailable. If your are interested in any of these, please contact us.

You kayak with your guide to a beautiful stream lined with mangrove trees and nypa palms. We take our time exploring side channels on our way to the campsite.

Once we arrive at the campsite, you are free to do what you like for a while. You can stretch your legs and wander around the area, where you will find pitchers plants and a variety of orchids. You could take a swim in the stream to cool off and clean up after the kayak journey.

Whilst you are doing that, your guides will make the finishing touches to the camp and prepare the evening meal. Then we eat!

When we have finished, we get back into the kayaks and explore the area in the dark. This will give you a very different perspective and the chance to see creatures that are not active in the day time.

In the morning, we get up early and take the kayaks to explore further up the stream, where it becomes narrower. We return to the campsite for breakfast, which will have been prepared while we were out.

After breakfast, there is another opportunity for strolling around and/or a swim, while the camp is dismantled. Then, for those that are really keen, we will kayak back to the start point. For those who have had their fill of kayaking, the boat that comes to pick up the camping gear can take you back.

Please note that, during the dry season, the water in the stream is salty. This is the only place for swimming and for getting water for washing.

Please also note that this is at a different location and a very different type of stream to the Kayak and Walk Overnight Tour.

Approximate Timings

Depart: 15:00

Arrive at campsite: 17:30

Evening meal: 18:30

Night kayak: 20:30 – 23:00

Morning kayak: 06:00 – 7:30

Breakfast: 08:00

Depart campsite: 09:00

Return to Gee’s Nature Tours: 10:30 (by kayak)


$100 per adult

Minimum 2 adults, Maximum 5 people

Children under 13 half price. Two children count as one adult towards the minimum but there must be at least one adult customer on this tour.

Included in the price

  • All activities and guides
  • Camping accommodation
  • Evening meal and breakfast
  • Drinking water
  • Use of a kayak and paddle (note that you might be required to share a two-person kayak)
  • Use of a dry bag
  • Use of a torch (we have some head torches and some normal)
  • Boat transfer to/from Tatai

What you need

Because this tour is mostly in the afternoon, night and early morning, the sun is less of a concern. However, it could still get pretty hot and sunny during this tour on the kayak journeys to and from the campsite. Therefore, you should have clothes that provide decent coverage or sunscreen. A hat is also a good idea.

Any comfortable footwear is OK for this tour. It is a good idea to have some footwear that is easy to slip on (e.g. flip-flops) in case you need to get up in the night.

We advise you to bring a camera or at least a phone that can take a decent picture.

Mosquito repellent.

A few photos from this tour

Also, see more photos from an example tour: Tour Number 4 in this blog post.

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